With open minds and open hearts, we seek to encourage, inspire and empower every single person who walks through the doors.  We offer game changing fitness classes in spin, rowing, and yoga, all located in one beautiful downtown location on Jasper Avenue, in Edmonton.


Two Week Intro Offer

Access to all of our cycle, row and yoga fitness classes, providing you with the perfect opportunity to check out our fitness studio and see which group classes work best with your schedule. Click the link below to purchase and we'll see you soon. 



Our spin cycle classes are 45 minutes in length providing you with just amount of time to pop over on your lunch break. Training the upper and lower body, we'll be sure to give you a workout that will keep you coming back for more. 


The first of their kind in Edmonton, rowing classes at Hive are 45 minutes in length. The classes have been designed to push you to your limits, using a total of 87% of your muscle mass with every single stroke. We have three different styles of ROW classes - check them out here.


We have two styles of yoga at Hive. One is slightly different than your regular yoga class. Flex and Flow classes are 50 minutes of a vinyasa flow style using 2lb dumbbells to incorporate that toning factor. Restore and Revive classes are meant for just that, bringing your body back to full strength.